Media Matters

I came across a 2010 media matters piece, offering a very unusual line of media criticism.

Remember after Sept. 11, when Rudy Giuliani rejected a $10 million reconstruction donation from that Saudi prince when the prince said U.S. support for Israel against Palestine was behind the attack, and that it should change its policies?  Giuliani brought it up in a 2010 appearance with Hannity, and Hannity said he had done the right thing.  Here’s media matters:

That “Arab sheik or prince” who made the donation Hannity praised Giuliani for returning is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is the second largest shareholder, after the Murdoch family, in Fox News parent News Corp., with a company stake of 7 percent.

Oops! Awkward!

This is far from the first time Fox News has attacked Prince Alwaleed…

So Media Matters criticized the FNC for not being beholden to its ownership.  Media Matters went on to defend the idea that anger at U.S. support for Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks.  But this is a different proposition from “the U.S. should cease supporting Israel,” much less the idea that it was appropriate for Alwaleed bin Talal to use the 9/11 attacks as an occasion to attack U.S. foreign policy.

If I remember, hardly anyone criticized Giuliani for this action at the time; he was America’s mayor and all that; that MM by 2010 didn’t think PAbT did anything wrong shows how different our mood was in the immediate aftermath of the attack.


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