At the port down the hill from where I live, boats have beautiful Christmas light displays. Last Saturday I watched them go in and out after providing security at a bookstore while Santa and Mrs. Claus were visiting.

Saturday was also the lighting of the crabpot Christmas tree.  They stack up crab pots right by the place that processes crabs,* wrap some greeneries around it, and it looks like a Christmas tree.  I see it right now a mile away.  The tree had already been lit several nights, but this was the ceremonial lighting.  Crabpots with Christmas lights can also be seen throughout Ilwaco’s streets….

Sunday I went to church and one of the worship leaders obliquely refered to Herman Cain’s departing the Presidential race due to allegations of adultery or sexual harassment or whatever it was.  Something about “people who present themselves as leaders, but don’t walk the walk.”  I know there’s some kind of tax exempt status thing, but I wish churches would kick this habit of oblique political references.  “May your will be done on Tuesday.  Wink, wink.”  It happens in every church I go to. 

Look, at the time of the American Revolution, pastors were railing from the pulpit every week about the rights of man and whatnot.  If you think a political issue is that morally important, go ahead and talk about the issue once in a while, overtly.  But that doesn’t mean you have to involve yourself emotionally with a particular political party or candidate, even one who goes to great lengths to convince you he has been Born Again….

Speaking of church, my pastor and I had lunch at Chen’s this Tuesday.  When he alluded to the idea of a relationship with Jesus, I asked him how a good relationship with Jesus differed from doing the right thing.  He mentioned a book, something about good versus great, about the idea of going beyond basic moral requirements.  Still, I wonder, how would you really know if you had a relationship with Jesus or not?  You could do something great and not have one, right- and you could do great things and forget to be good in the process.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob certainly had relationships with God the Father; Jacob even wrestled the Old Man to the ground.  Jesus actually hung out with Peter and those guys all the time, so they certainly had a relationship with him….

We’ve got Christmas decorations all up.  Our house turns out to go well with Christmas decorations.  Outside we have lights up and six lit candy canes.  The neighbor’s dog killed a birdie the other day.  He also got another neighbor’s crab.

Christmas party is tomorrow.

* or whatever it is you do with crabs


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