Chinese Media on Syrian Protests

I found it interesting to see how Xinhau is reporting on Syria:

As fresh tensions were palpable between government forces and armed groups in the flashpoint city of Homs, some 2,000 Syrians gathered on Saturday evening for a candlelight vigil at a main square in the capital Damascus, in a show of solidarity with President Bashar al-Assad and in memory of the victims of the nearly nine-month-old unrest.

The villain here is “unrest” and instability, whose “victims” are those the regime supporters are commemorating.  The piece doesn’t villify the rebels themselves, however, just the state of unrest.  The style reads like a Western report, objective in tone but clearly advancing a perspective.

Al-Assad has lately said that some 1,100 policemen, security agents and military personnel had been killed by the alleged terrorist groups in the country. However, the United Nations put the death toll in the past nine months at as high as 4,000.

Here Xinhau glosses over the fact that Al-Assad is counting only the regime dead, while the UN is counting (possibly exclusively) the rebel dead.  With the “alleged terrorist” remark, the paper continues to avoid vilifying the rebels and preserves its objective tone, but implies that the regime’s allegations are worthy of being taken seriously.




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